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Ready for África

One of our main motivations is to contribute according to our means where we can be of help. For years we have cooperated with the MCSPA, a missionary community based in East Africa with whom we collaborate on different projects.


With the Covid 19 health crisis, we developed a program to prevent the spread of the virus in Malawi, through the local manufacture of hydroalcoholic gels to be distributed among the population. For this we launched the READY FOR AFRICA project.


We manufacture hydroalcoholic gels locally for distribution to the local population.


We expand the range with daily personal hygiene products, to raise awareness of the importance of this in the prevention of diseases.


We provide a livelihood by employing single mothers to manufacture these products.

Plan de acción

1. Acción de emergencia. Ejecutada

Compra, envasado y distribución local de geles hidroalcohólicos para frenar la expansión del virus.

2. Fabricación local. En ejecución

Construcción de una micro planta aprobada por las autoridades de Malawi para la fabricación local de estos productos. Formación y aprovisionamiento de la fábrica.

3. Ampliación de la gama de productos. En ejecución

Formación y aprovisionamiento para la fabricación de productos de cosmética e higiene corporal. Buscar la sostenibilidad económica a través de la venta de los productos. 

Action Plan

1. Emergency action. Executed

In action
Purchase, packaging and local distribution of hydroalcoholic gels to stop the spread of the virus.

2. Local manufacturing.In action

Construction of a micro plant approved by the Malawi authorities for the local manufacture of these products. Factory training and provisioning.

3. Expansion of the product rangeIn action

Training and provisioning for the manufacture of cosmetic and body hygiene products. Seek economic sustainability through the sale of products.