Euria, a fragrance inspired by Donosti

Publicado: marzo 24, 2023

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Donosti is the place that inspired Euria, our most metallic and aquatic Eau de Toilette. It is a fresh, slightly woody cologne, thanks to some of its notes such as fir and cedar wood. Other ingredients that make up Euria are saffron, which brings a sweet and musky touch, as well as amber. In addition, caramel, cherry and jasmine are ingredients that soften and rejuvenate this Eau de Toilette.

Euria is the cologne inspired by Donosti, which captures the scent of the wind that envelops the old town of San Sebastian, the moments between friends toasting with a glass of wine and the humid atmosphere that permeates the city. To smell Euria is to be transported to the heart of Donosti, to experience its culture and meet its people.

With its scent, this Eau de Toilette represents the rainy and overcast days of northern Spain, where the sea lashes its coasts. In San Sebastian we find secret places and hidden streets with a unique charm that will make you fall in love.

We have traveled there to bring you the purest and most autochthonous aroma of this city. But, in addition to its fragrance, we leave you a list of places to visit in Donosti:

  • Walk along the promenade of La Concha.
  • Visit the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.
  • Contemplate El Peine del Viento, a work of Eduardo Chillida located in Ondarreta Beach.
  • Enter the Bretxa Market.
  • Strolling through the Riberas de Loyola neighborhood.

Our fragrances are handcrafted and made in Spain. With them you will be able to travel and transport you to the places where they are inspired. With our Euria Eau de Toilette you will discover the scent that characterizes Donosti. We invite you to be part of each of our trips and discover new places through your senses.

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