Lavender in perfumery

Publicado: marzo 24, 2023

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Lavender scented perfumes provide an unmistakable aroma and intensity. Men and women use perfumes where lavender is very present, since they give off fresh and floral scents very pleasant for any season of the year. That is why this aromatic plant is highly valued in the perfumery sector.

With the arrival of summer, it is also time to harvest this plant. Lavender fields cover the landscape with a deep purple color and an unmistakable aroma. This plant comes from the Mediterranean basin, so it is deeply rooted in popular culture throughout the West. Of all the places where lavender is present, especially in the Mediterranean area and in Asia, the countries that stand out for their production are France, Spain, Bulgaria, Argentina, Japan and India.

Currently, there are many species of lavender with similar characteristics and others with distinctive details that make them unique. It is curious to note that the genus of this aromatic plant is lavandula and about 60 different species are registered.

For decades and generations, the essence of lavender has been extracted to make fresh fragrances and essential oils. Thanks to the scent given off by this flower, we can find a wide variety of natural cosmetic products and perfumes that provide great benefits. In addition, the scent of lavender contains olfactory nuances related to well-being, rest and tranquility. That is why, the perfumes in which this aromatic plant predominates are so demanded by both men and women looking for fresh and light fragrances.

With all this, in Botanicae, we elaborate inspiring perfumes that awaken our senses and memories. Lavender is an ingredient that is very present in our products for its floral and fresh nuances. For example, our unmistakable Eau de Toilette, Onda.

Inspired by the west coast of Portugal, Onda is the representation of the strength of the sea, fresh and wild. In its composition, we combine the essence of lavender with citrus and woody notes that sweeten its base.

If you love fresh scents, Onda is the best lavender fragrance for you. Also, if you are looking for lavender scented perfumes for men or perfumes for women, our Eau de Toilette is the ideal choice, as it is a unisex fragrance. Discover the true scent of lavender and let it surprise you. Discover our Eau de Toilette, Onda.

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