Smell in the world of haste

Publicado: marzo 23, 2023
oliendo flores

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The inertia of society is to never stop doing things. This doesn’t have to be wrong, the problem comes when we give priority to doing and not to living. Has it ever happened to you that you were reading a book and in the middle of the story, without knowing how, you switched off and started thinking about other things? We are stuck in time, immersed in looking to the future and the past as our main activity. We find it hard to breathe in the present, and we tend to use external substances to fuel ourselves, even though we know that this is not enough.

In the age of haste, a change is needed, a spiritual revolution that allows us to enjoy the simplicity of the moment, as well as to thank the divinity or energy in which we believe we are alive, and surrounded by a myriad of pleasurable experiences for our senses.

A fragrance, like a song, is a journey. And like any good journey, it is a pause, a reconnection. Smelling a scent with the necessary attention and predisposition elevates and allows us to make connections in which creativity and pleasure come together in a dance. This is clear to those of us who love the perfume´s world. Trying to appreciate a scent depends on how deep our ability to enter into this precise moment is, and if we have a trace of haste, we lose nuances and textures.

Our source is wide and deep, and we don’t have to make a great effort to manifest it. Perhaps its simplicity is what we fail to understand in the equation of living fully, where it is easy to think that effort and productivity are the unknowns.

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