The Botanicae Fragrance Process

Publicado: marzo 24, 2023
The Botanicae Fragrance Process

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At Botanicae we are inspired by travelling to new cities. We extract the essence and the characteristic aroma of each of these places and we materialise them, creating perfumes that enliven our senses and awaken our memories. With each of our fragrances you will be able to transport yourself to the time and place in which they are inspired. That’s why Botanicae is your passport to travel the world.

Botanicae is adventure, but it is also contemplation. We travel to remote places and observe their surrounding nature, their people, their customs, and we are impregnated with their aromas and pigments to extract the most authentic essence of each place. This is the starting point of our elaboration process.

We take a breath and let ourselves be carried away by the aromas transmitted by the air, we identify its enigmatic chords and we carefully select the raw materials of each city to create the most autochthonous fragrances. Likewise, nature is part of Botanicae’s idiosyncrasy, which is why we respect and care for it.

We generate zero waste in the perfume manufacturing process, which results in unique, vegan and 100% cruelty free fragrances. At Botanicae we work with our own hands, we elaborate the fragrances paying attention to every detail, so that all their notes and nuances are perceptible. We place the labels of each perfume by hand and one by one, being faithful to our commitment to the environment and craftsmanship. We engrave our logo on each of the perfume caps, as a symbol of authenticity and guarantee. This is how we bring a piece of every place in the world to your home, in the most authentic and natural way possible.

We promote a way of being and feeling the world around us through our products. We are Botanicae, the passport with which you will travel to new places. Discover with us.

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