The smell of benzoin

Publicado: marzo 24, 2023

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Benzoin is a natural honey-colored resin that gives off a sweet scent. It is a very popular ingredient among perfumers for several reasons. First of all, the scent of benzoin reminds us of the aroma of vanilla and caramel. This resin brings sensuality and warmth to the perfume. Its sweet tone characterizes it as a calming and balancing scent. Benzoin, on the other hand, acts as an excellent scent fixative.

This ingredient is extracted from tree species of the genus Styrax. This genus is found in the northern hemisphere in temperate zones and tropical regions of Asia and South America. Besides being an ingredient widely used in the world of perfumery, it is also used to create cosmetics, essential oils and natural compositions beneficial to health.

Often, the scent of benzoin is combined with amber fragrances in which vanilla is also present. But, in addition to these ingredients, the scent of benzoin is also associated with floral fragrances that give off soft and sweet aromas.

At Botanicae, we use benzoin in the creation of our unisex perfume Matin a Mogador. It is an oriental fragrance with balanced notes and citrus accords. Thanks to its top notes, among which benzoin stands out, Matin a Mogador is a sensual and attractive perfume that can be worn by both men and women. Other top notes that make up this perfume are cumin, violet, leather, bergamot and verbena. A blend of sweet and citrus scents that characterize Matin A Mogador and pay tribute to the aroma given off by the Orient, the place where this perfume is inspired.

If you also like soft scents, or sweet perfumes with the scent of vanilla and caramel, you will love our Matin a Mogador fragrance. Its sensual and harmonious scent will transport you to the far reaches of the Orient.

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