A caring adventure

We were born with the challenge of keeping a destiny inside a jar. We sustainably promote access to artistic perfumery, without large impersonal marketing campaigns or the barriers of ultra-luxury.

Our History

We have always been travelers, entrepreneurs and curious.

In 2012 we began our journey in the fragrance industry and were fortunate to continue our learning in the Middle East. There perfume is culture and in each home they know ingredients and their mixtures are taught from generation to generation.

Together with multinationals in the sector, we work with the region’s historic brands, for whom we coordinate the formulation and supply fragrances, while sharing endless talks over tea.

Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, India, Pakistan… Our experience grew and so did the territories in which we worked, beginning to travel throughout East Africa and South Asia. An exciting period that taught us to open our eyes to other cultures, their smells and traditions.

At the end of 2018 the Mediterranean claimed us and we returned home, from where we continue traveling while putting down roots.

It was then when we decided to venture out and share the experiences of all those years in a sustainable, humane and honest way. Now we distill our stories to extract their essence and preserve them through our perfumes. Thus Botanicae was born. A house in which we work and live intensely to continue surprising you.

Our trip

Discover the places that have inspired our Eau de Parfum.

Shomal, which means North in Farsi, refers to this area of Iran. A country full of history with charming people.

We have always preserved our origins and returned to them to be inspired by their streets.

In Beirut we got lost in Mar Mikhael, a point of mixing and meeting of cultures, which receives influences from the East and the West.

Essaouira is a magical city. The medina opens onto the port, which has received visitors for centuries, a haven of peace loaded with spices brought by merchants.

The origin of our Eau de Toilette

Chan Chan

Havana vibrates joyfully in its resilience.


Donostia falls in love with its aesthetics and aristocratic taste.


Surfing in Peniche is a religion, and pilgrims go there from all over the world.


We teach our little ones our passion for discovering fragrances.


We miss the times of meeting and we remember them through the smell.



We transmit the delicacy of our products thanks to the hands that make them. We make all of them with unique care and attention.

Suitable for Vegans

All our compositions are suitable for vegans, since we do not formulate with any substance that has animal origin.

Cruelty Free

We do not test any of our products on animals. Animal respect is part of our philosophy and our commitment to the environment and nature.


Fragrances for people. We believe in diversity and unique personalities. Our fragrances belong to skins without prejudices that do not distinguish between genders.

Honest Prices

We reduce unnecessary expenses and long distribution chains to make our products reach your hands without being prohibitive. We understand that good perfumery should not be available to only a few.

Sustainable Materials

We trace each of our ingredients with the aim of having a product that is as sustainable and respectful as possible.


We promote the reuse of sustainable, recycled and dual-use packaging. In addition, we trace the origin of our ingredients, prioritizing those that are sustainable.

Reduce | Reuse | Recycle

Social Commitment

We believe in brands as engines of change, and we seek to have a positive impact on society. We collaborate with development projects in areas of need, where we provide financial resources and specific knowledge to support them.

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